Each day God gives us another blessing of simply by allowing us to wake up in the morning. All He asks is for us to be about His work when an opportunity is presented in front of us. It can be something simple or something complex. Seeing someone who needs help, something needs to be done, the list goes on. As a Pastor I am always concerned that I may not always provide exactly what my congregation needs but my faith in God's grace to provide me with just what He wants me to share.

I always remind my folks, "God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called." God also provides you with all that you need in every situation. As one of my folks here always reminds us that we need to decide if we have big letter FAITH or little letter faith. Which do you have? With that said, are you doing what God is calling you to do? Do you know what your gift is that He wants you to use? I promise it is right in front of you. Find it, the blessing will be yours.

Pastor Dennis